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5 reasons why to choose UV printing

1. Environmental impact is concern

Because evaporation is minimized, there are far fewer emissions of volatile organic compounds into the environment compared to other inks. UV printing uses a photomechanical process to cure the ink versus drying through evaporation.

2. Rush jobs

Since there is no evaporation process to wait for, UV inks don’t bring the down times other inks do while they dry. This can save time and get your pieces into the market much more quickly.

3. Specific look

When you need specific look such as crisp, sharp and vibrant colors.

4. Smudging and absorption is concern

The fact that UV printing dries instantly insures that regardless of how quickly you need the piece in hand, the work won’t be smudged and a UV coating can be applied to prevent abrasions.

5. Printing on plastic or non-porous substrates

UV inks can dry directly on the surface of materials. Since it’s not necessary for the ink solvent to absorb into the stock, UV makes it possible to print on materials that wouldn’t work with traditional inks.

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